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Someone who knew you were being sent here. They implanted this technology in you, in order to spy on me.”- Arthur Arden
The season begins in 1964 at the fictional mental institution, Briarcliff Manor, following the stories of the staff and inmates who occupy it, and intercuts with events in the past and present. From the 2012 season American Horror Story: Asylum this is the Microbot seen in the episodes: Welcome to Briarcliff and Nor’Easter. While prepping Kit for exploratory neurosurgery, Dr. Arden noticed a small lump in his neck. After making a small incision, he discovered what appears to be a microchip, an unknown, alien technology in the era. After placing it on a tray, it sprouted six segmented "legs" and skittered away. The micro-bot appeared to be almost indestructible, as it was able to autonomously reassemble itself after being dissected into several parts and welded by Arden.
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