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"Believe" Motion Capture Train Ticket
A train ticket from Robert Zemeckis' animated adventure film The Polar Express. Tickets were carried by the children who traveled as passengers aboard the Polar Express, and had to be punched by the Conductor (Tom Hanks). Physical props were used by live-performing actors, who dressed in Lycra suits covered in sensors for the purposes of motion capture. The actors and the props they held, like this ticket, were then overlaid with computer-generated 3D models. Numbered "0001225", the ticket is made of card and displays an image of the train on one side, and the words "Round Trip" above an image of a bell on the other. The word "Believe" which featured on the Hero Boy's ticket - is printed on both sides, as if it has been punched into the ticket. There is minor wear present around the edges, and the lot comes with a letter of authenticity from a senior crew member.
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