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Jake's Journal, Anya's Ash Box, and Ritual Items
Set in a hospice and following eight terminally ill young adults who form "The Midnight Club", meeting up each night to tell each other scary tales; it features an overarching story while also frequently depicting those tales on-screen. From the 2022 Netflix series The Midnight Club, these are different props seen throughout the series and during the “Ritual” Shasta attempts along with flashbacks. Jake’s hero journal with hand written pages seen during episode 4: “Gimme a Kiss”. Under the journal is the hero wooden box used to hold Anya’s ashes seen during multiple scenes. The hero metal knives, dishes, bowl and ladel were used during the ritual scenes in episode 9 and 10: “The Eternal Enemy” and “ Midnight”. When Shasta reveals that she knows about the five-goddess worship and that the religion is much older than Paragon. Ilonka asks the Midnight Club to do a ritual following Shasta's instructions, and all of them participate.
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