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"Nome" Puppets
Under the floorboards of an old department store live the Nomes, tiny people for whom things like Outside, Sun and Rain are just daft old legends. Then a group of new Nomes arrive from the Outside that nobody believes in, bringing with them The Thing. The Thing eats and listens to electricity; while the electricity is telling it that the store is about to be closed down. From the 1992 film and adaptation of the first book of Terry Pratchett's The Nome Trilogy, Truckers. These are 3 screen used Nome puppets seen in the film with ball and socket armature’s and include their custom made clothes and trinkets they carry around.
IMG_5418.JPG Coin_Display.jpg Truckers_Puppets_Display.jpg Galgameth_Puppet_Display.jpg Newspaper_Clipping_Display.jpg