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Dr. Frankenstein and "Creation" Puppets
After mastering immortality, mad scientist Victor Frankenstein turns his attention to time travel, creating a number of wormholes to conduct more of his scientific experiments. From the 2010 Adult Swim stop motion series Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole, these are the hero puppets of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his “Creation”. An immortal genius mad scientist and "doesn't like anyone," wears a lab coat and has red hair. He is a sadomasochist and is opposed to the idea of regular sex, especially with his wife, who uses his fetish to her advantage by bribing him with genital mutilation. While Victor's cynical creation and servant, (who prefers to be called “Creation” instead of Monster) is an alcoholic according to Victor and has a big fear of fire. His left leg is Jewish, can speak when it’s detached and he’s also very much infatuated with "The Bride". However, she has a true disdain for him going so far as to have her hair replaced with fire to keep him away.
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