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Room Keys 44 and 64 with Door Placard 64
The Hotel Cortez was built by James Patrick March in 1930 with a single intent, murder. This diabolical businessman chose Room 64 at the Cortez for his office. John Lowe is a detective that comes to check out room 64 after receiving a mysterious anonymous call. He rents the room and starts temporarily living in the room after being pushed out of his family home. The hotel, particularly room 64, is haunted by ghosts of the past. Behind a wardrobe in room 64, there is a hidden chamber used to keep "memories" of every murder committed following The Ten Commandments. These are the brass room keys 44 and 64 along with the door plaque from the infamous Hotel Cortez from American Horror Story: Hotel. Room 44 is the room "The Night Stalker," Richard Ramirez checked into on episode 4. In this room he kills one man with a lamp and attempts to strangle a woman with the lamp-cord before a fire starts and she is able to escape into the hallway. Room 64 being the main room featured in the season, which brings misfortune to those who enter it and is serial killer, James March's (Evan Peters) "office" where he dispatched many victims. Highly visible along with other keys in the lobby scenes behind the front desk of the concierge.
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