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X-Wing "Blocking Shot" Miniature
A blocking shot miniature used during the production of Richard Marquand’s sci-fi sequel Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. The technicians at Industrial Light and Magic used this detailed model X-wing to help plan and arrange the intricate special effects sequences of the film. Early on in the production process, simple models like this were used to block out shots and produce “videomatics”; an early form of pre-visualization. The model is constructed from a commercially available kit and detailed as Red Five, the legendary markings distinguish it as the ship flown by Luke Skywalker. It is presented on a display stand simulating the X-wing in flight and acquired from the collection of visual effects artist Richard Edlund. The X-wing has been intentionally distressed to appear battle-scarred; along with this piece being a vital part of the early plotting of those memorable scenes the gun turrets were also restored back onto the miniature.
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