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Ashlynn Brooke's Severed Bikini
A severed bikini worn by adult movie star Ashlynn Brooke in the 2010 gore-filled horror movie Piranha. This specially adapted swimsuit was used when the Spring Breaker’s scorn the Sheriff’s attempts to get them out of the water before the flesh hungry fish attack, and in the confused and bloody scramble to leave the water the stage capsizes, sending cables flying and slicing Ashlynn and her bikini in two. The skimpy ‘one size fits all’ garment is a dark metallic blue and has a halter neck top that ties together at the front, and the bottoms at the sides, with a prop blood covered slice at the front and right strap. It is accompanied with a costumer’s tag that reads “Hot Girl in Convert. Dead” and is in a production worn and distressed condition.