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Ouija Board and Planchette
Ouija: Origin of Evil used a Ouija Board as a dark communication device for the evil presence that dwelled in the protagonist’s house. The Property Department fabricated five matching Ouija boards for the production. Several boards were used by the Special Effects Department. For these boards, they stenciled the graphics of the Ouija Board on the back of the boards. This allowed the effects crew to manipulate the Planchettes with magnets from below the table. The result was the illusion that the Planchettes moved on their own seemingly by the dark presence in the cellar. The remaining boards were interchangeably used during filming of the show. Occasionally, the Planchettes scratched the boards and we swapped out the boards to repair the scratches. This specific Ouija Board was obtained direct from the film’s prop master and was one of the principle boards used in the production.