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Cricket's (Leslie Jordan) Cane
Premiering as a paranormal documentary entitled “My Roanoke Nightmare” which reenacts the experiences of a married couple who relocate to North Carolina, while the second half of the season is presented as found footage and depicts the doomed production of the documentary's sequel. From the 2016 and sixth season of American Horror Story: Roanoke; this is Cricket Marlowe’s (Leslie Jordan) Frog cane. A famous medium hailing from New Orleans, Cricket has assisted on several missing persons cases with the FBI who first discovered his gift when he was nine and found keys for his grandmother. After intercepting that there was a lost child on Roanoke Island, Cricket arrives at Shelby, Lee, and Matt's home, offering his assistance in the search for Flora. Everything Cricket did, whether it be walking with a cane or holding a séance, he did with style. This walnut cane with a silver frog handle won't help you reach the spirit of The Butcher or hit on hot young Uber drivers, but it can't hurt.
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