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Batman's (George Clooney) Cowl
This is one of the hero Cowls worn by Batman (George Clooney) in the 1997 film Batman and Robin. This Cowl is the signature protective headpiece of Batman with pointy bat ears and slits for the eyes. This Bat Cowl was made to intimidate all evildoers in Gotham City. Because of being nearly identical with the previous Batman Forever "Panther" cowl, it is by most fans more commonly called the "Clooney Panther" cowl. The piece is secured with Velcro and two loops on the collar and the ears were injected with rubber to keep them upright. The Cowl has the number 38 written on the exterior breastplate where the Batman insignia would fit, and has the original wardrobe tag and a super rare storage bag that they covered the cowls with in between filming.
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