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Gizmo Puppet
“There are three rules: (1) Don't put it near light, especially sunlight, it can kill them. (2) Don't let it get wet with water nor give it any water to drink or to bathe it. (3) No matter how much it cries or begs, NEVER feed it after midnight. – Mr. Wing’s Grandson
Taken by a band of crazed scientists, cuddly mogwai Gizmo is subjected to all manner of experiments. Of course, it’s not long before chaos erupts, as Gizmo is covered in water and spawns a new group of mogwai that take over the facility. From the 1990 Joe Dante film Gremlins 2: The New Batch, this is a Gizmo mogwai puppet created by the talented Rick Baker. Voiced by Howie Mandel; Gizmo is a cute, kind, lovable, innocent and adorable Mogwai. Gizmo has shown he's adept with weapons and electrical devices, such as being able to know how to work an electrical keyboard, turning on a television, operating a toy car, playing a trumpet, just being plain adorable, and making an effective bow and arrow out of office supplies. According to the novelization of the first film, the mogwai are a result of genetic manipulations by an alien scientist to create a creature that would evoke good-naturedness and goodwill amongst the galaxy. However, a slight miscalculation caused all but 1 in 10,000 to be mischievous and evil while the transformation mogwai’s can go through being totally unintended.
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