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"Tim" Mouse
A "Tim" Mouse Display from the 2010 Jay Roach comedy, Dinner for Schmucks. In the film, financial executive Tim Conrad (Paul Rudd) must impresses his boss Lance Fender (Bruce Greenwood) at a dinner party where he is required to present a 'schmuck' of his choice, to be secretly ridiculed by the teams financial elite. Tim decides to bring along bizarre taxidermist Barry (Steve Carrell) who creates stunning art with dead mice, however he soon begins to bond with his strange new friend. This particular mouse is crafted by Barry to represent his new friend, Tim. It’s modeled after their first meeting, and displays the mouse in a blue business suit with a striped white dress shirt and a tie. Made from fur-covered urethane, the mice in the film were designed and created by the Chiodo brothers, along with a team of talented artisans.
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