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Grid Alien (Tom Woodruff Jr.) Creature Mask Head
Grid, also known as Nethead or the alpha-Alien, was a Xenomorph Drone born in the Yautja pyramid beneath Bouvet Island in 2004. Grid was responsible for killing the Yautja Chopper and Celtic, who had come to the Pyramid to hunt Xenomorphs as part of an initiation hunt, and also helped to free the Queen held captive by the Predators deep within the pyramid. During the one of the fights, Celtic severed the tip of Grid's tail and trapped it with its Net Launcher, the constricting net carving into Grid's armor and slicing a grid of wounds that gave the individual Xenomorph its name. Grid was later killed when Scar destroyed the entire pyramid with his Self-Destruct Device. This is a screen used hero Grid Alien head worn by the actor Tom Woodruff Jr. portraying Grid mounted on a custom made display themed towards the Aliens films. The Grid Alien was the lead Xenomorph protecting the Alien Queen from the Predators sent to Earth to prove themselves in the Antarctic pyramid. The creature was played by Tom Woodruff Jr., who is also the co-founder of Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., the creature-effects company which created the Alien suits for the film.
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