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Predator Spear
Used first in Aliens vs Predator and then later reused in Aliens vs Predator 2: Requiem, this is the Predator’s screen used Spear; being a retractable weapon, it starts out short and extends by a couple of meters. It’s a great weapon for the Predators in close combat or thrown at a target. In AvP, the Celtic and Scar Predators both have this weapon and use it quite a lot. One of the Predators uses his spear to kill one of the mercenaries on the surface along with Bass, Celtic uses his spear to kill Stafford and Lex uses Scar’s spear to kill an Alien later too. In AvP: Requiem, the Wolf Predator first uses a spear to kill an Alien at the swimming pool and then it’s seen later in the movie.
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