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Complete "Jackal" Display
The Jackal is the ghost of a 19th-century man named Ryan Kuhn, who began attacking prostitutes as an adult. He committed himself to an asylum in search of help but eventually went insane. The doctors kept him permanently bound in a straitjacket, causing his limbs to contort horribly until he gnawed through it. Ryan was then confined to a basement, with a metal cage locked around his head, and grew to hate all human contact. When a fire broke out, everyone but Ryan escaped; he chose to remain behind and let himself be burned to death. His ghost wears the loosened straitjacket and head cage, whose front bars have been snapped apart. This is a display of “The Jackal” from the 2001 movie “Thir13en Ghosts”, along with the hero straitjacket and head cage (believed to be the only one made for the film) worn by Shane Wyler as "The Jackal”. The display was made to recreate the character "The Jackal" from the film production, and an amazing display piece of a truly memorable character.
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