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"The Torso" Display
The Torso is the ghost of Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino; Jimmy Gambino was obsessed with gambling, and would spend his days at the track instead of at school, and his nights gambling at seedy bars. Jimmy eventually opened his own booking business, and developed a reputation due to his refusal to turn down a bet. Jimmy's inability to turn down a bet eventually caught the attention of Larry "Finger" Vatelo, who bet heftily on a boxing match. Jimmy agreed, and sealed his fate. When Jimmy's fighter was defeated, he fainted. When Jimmy awakened, Larry and his gang arrived to collect Larry's winning from Jimmy. But because Jimmy was cleaned out, instead, they cut Jimmy's body up, wrapped the pieces in cellophane and dumped them into the ocean. This is a complete display of the "The Torso" (Daniel Wesley) from the 2001 movie "Thir13en Ghosts", and consists of his screen used outfit. It was made to recreate the character from the film production, and is an amazing display piece of a truly memorable character.
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