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The "Great Child's" Underpants, Rattle & Hair Piece
Harold (the Great Child), was born as a result of a rape and he eventually weighed over 300 pounds. Harold, spoiled, was raised as his mother's protector and kept a child-like mindset, to the point that he wore diapers his entire life. One day some of the carnival employees decided to play a little practical joke on Harold, and kidnapped his mother. In a psychopathic rampage, he set out to look for her, destroying all in his path, but when he caught up with the culprits, he found that his mother had accidentally suffocated to death in the bag that she was kept in. Harold killed the kidnappers with an axe, keeping their remains and displaying them for paying customers. When the owner of the carnival found out what Harold had done, he ordered a mob of people to tear Harold apart. Their ghosts are always together, and Harold still wields the ax and wears a bib stained with food that his mother has spoon-fed to him. This set was used and worn by C. Ernst Harth as "The Great Child". The underpants are slightly distressed for filming and have "#1" written on the tag. The Great Child's rattle can be seen in the "Ghosts Files" special features of the film which shows an icon for each ghost and this is the icon for the Great Child. The hair piece is in very good condition, and is a very unique set to own from a very memorable character of "Thir13en Ghosts".
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