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Complete "The Torn Prince" Display
The Torn Prince is the ghost of Royce Clayton, a gifted baseball star in high school, albeit with attitude issues and a superiority complex. In 1957 he was challenged by a greaser named Johnny to a drag race, but was killed as his car spun out of control and flipped over; the cause of the accident, a cut brake line. He was buried in a plot of earth that overlooked the baseball diamond. His ghost carries a baseball bat, and parts of his body are torn to shreds from when he was dragged under the car. This is a complete display of the "The Torn Prince" from the 2001 movie "Thir13en Ghosts", and consists of his screen used complete outfit and stunt bat. It was made to recreate the character from the film production, and is an amazing display piece of a truly memorable character.

pic.JPG Pilgrimess_Display.jpg The_Torn_Prince.jpg Thirteen Ghosts Great Child.jpg Thirteen Ghosts reel.jpg