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Complete Sharon Da Silva Display
This is a complete display of Sharon Da Silva (Jodelle Ferland) from the 2006 film, Silent Hill. Sharon Da Silva is the adopted troubled daughter of Rose and Christopher while also playing the younger Alessa Gillespie, the tormented daughter of Dahlia who was severely burned by the cult of Silent Hill. In the film, Sharon is the good part of Alessa's soul and by the end of the film she combines with Dark Alessa and they both become the unified incarnation of Alessa Gillespie. This is a custom display with Sharon’s screen used costume that’s seen throughout the film, fabricated into a display to depict the look of the iconic film poster that show’s Sharon without a mouth.
Silent_Hill-_Gauge_and_Light.jpg Silent_Hill-_Red_Pyramid_Display.jpg Silent_Hill-_Rose_s_Outfit.jpg Silent_Hill-_Sharon_Display.jpg Silent_Hill_Phones_Display.jpg