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Colin the Janitor
This is Colin the Janitor; a character from the 2006 film adaption of Silent Hill. The janitor worked at Midwich Elementary School and sexually assaulted Alessa Gillespie which caused the young girl to become traumatized. After Alessa split her soul and created the dark world, the Janitor was punished for his wrong doing and killed while being twisted to become an undead monster. Barbed wire is wrapped around his ankles tying them behind his head and digging into his eyes forcing him to crawl. He flicks a blackened, dirty, snake like tongue and screams in pain as he drags himself along the floor while turning everything he touches into decay. This is the full size foam and latex casting of the actor built around a steel armature helping to keep it completely still for the filming of the bathroom scenes, along with the hero key tag pulled from his mouth by Rose.
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