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Open Top Lenny Mogwai Puppet
This is a Lenny Mogwai Puppet used in the film, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This puppet has an open head and wider neck for insertion of the puppeteer’s hand through the head in order to walk the puppet with their fingers. This is one of the many types of puppeteering methods used for the movie. Obtained from Rick Bakers studio; His creative team made the 13 inch puppet for the movie with realism and functionality in mind. The puppet was carefully crafted out of foam latex and features a soft Mogwai full multicolored fur body. The piece has also been given a custom display stand which features the film’s logo laser-cut on the front.
Daffy_Mogwai_Puppet-new.jpg Gizmo_Display.jpg Gremlin_Puppet_Display.jpg Lenny_Mogwai_Puppet.jpg