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Full-Size Gremlin Skeleton
A full-size Gremlin skeleton puppet used in Joe Dante’s horror comedy Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Taken by a band of crazed scientists, cuddly mogwai Gizmo is subjected to all manner of experiments. Of course, it’s not long before chaos erupts, as Gizmo is covered in water and spawns a new group of mogwai that take over the facility. This Gremlin skeleton was specially made for an effect where a camera-loving gremlin dies instantly from the flash. The impressive prop was created by legendary effects artist Rick Baker and his team and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Baker. The piece is made from resin and detailed to look like bone, with foam sections in all the joints. Each segment is numbered for assembly reference and marked “Rick Baker” on the hip in felt tip.
Daffy_Mogwai_Puppet-new.jpg Gizmo_Display.jpg Gremlin Skeleton Display.jpg Gremlin_Puppet_Display.jpg Lenny_Mogwai_Puppet.jpg