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David's Specimen Creature
The crew of a colony ship known as the Covenant is bound for a remote planet, discovers an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape. From the 2017 Ridley Scott film Alien: Covenant, this is one David 8’s (Michael Fassbender) specimen creatures from the scenes in which David 8 is talking to Walter One in his lab and reveals that the aliens are a result of his experimenting with the black liquid in an attempt to create a new species. This type creature can be seen on David’s lab table with one being dissected and one lying in a bowl. This particular creature was put on a custom themed display to keep his form while also giving the look of David’s lab you see in the film along with an aged parchment plaque.
Davids_Creature_Display.jpg Embryo_Display.jpg Vial_Display.jpg