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Babyface's Mask
A group of young horror fans go searching for a film that mysteriously vanished years ago but instead find that the demented killer from the movie is real, and he's thrilled to meet fans who will die gruesomely for his art. This is Babyface’s (Raicho Vasilev) main mask seen during the film, “The Hills Run Red” worn later in the film when his mask is removed from his face. With looks of an evil baby doll, it contains special effects blood, aged paint and cracks to show the age, fighting and damage done throughout all the killings committed. Made of fiber glass with snaps on the inside where the band would be attached for it to be worn during filming. As a child, he used the babyface mask to cover up his own face after the cutting he did on himself with scissors. This mask was obtained with signed paperwork from the production’s special effects studio.