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Selene's Shuriken
“This is a new war and it’s only the beginning.”- Selene. The Underworld is threatened when mankind discovers the existence of the Vampire and Lycan species that have been thriving in this “alternate universe”. This situation isn’t good for them since mankind has begun a war to literally wipe both species off the face of the earth, like rats during the “Black Plague” years of 14th century Europe. Instead of the Vampires and Lycans banding together against humankind, it’s the “divide and conquer” mentality as they both go after each other as well as their common enemy. From Underworld: Awakening, this is Selene's (Kate Beckinsale) Shuriken; made of resin and metal, Shurikens are spring-loaded razor-edged silver weapons seen in the Underworld series. They are used by the Vampires for combat against Lycans and Werewolves. The blades are made of silver specifically to take advantage of a Lycanthrope's extreme allergy to the metal.
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