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Nemesis Display
The Nemesis is featured in the 2004 film Resident Evil: Apocalypse, portrayed by Matthew G. Taylor. The costume for the character was created by PJFX Studios stands roughly 7 feet 3 inches and weighs nearly 100 pounds. Formerly Matt Addison, a survivor of the events of the first film was infected with the T-virus after being scratched by a Licker and later captured and experimented upon by the Umbrella Corporation. Transformed into the Nemesis, it is sent to kill the surviving members of STARS, but remembers its humanity after fighting Alice, and fights alongside the protagonists towards the film's conclusion. This is the only complete hero Nemesis costume that exists from the film and the costume is still in working order with multiple servos inside the face mask that can all be controlled to create the facial expressions by remote control.
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