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Special FX Biting Piranha With Eggs
This is a glove style biting piranha from the 2012 horror-comedy sequel, Piranha 3DD. This particular puppet was used throughout the film for numerous biting shots of the piranhas as they chew their way throughout a new water park. Crafted from silicone, this item features a highly detailed, scale painted exterior; with a gradating blue, green and yellow color scheme, as well as red accents around the gills and fins. This item also features a pair of acrylic green and black eyes and an open mouth filled with pointed silicone teeth. The rear features an armhole leading to an interior glove at the piranha’s head; this allowed a puppeteer to control the biting movements on screen. Additionally, there is a plunger connected to plastic tubing which runs to a small hole at the top of the mouth used for pumping fake blood through the piece. Along with the puppet are two Piranha eggs that are seen in the beginning of the film as Clayton (Gary Busey) and Mo (Clu Gulager) walk into the water to recover the body of a dead cow..not knowing that the waters below and their cow are filled with piranha eggs! The highly detail miniature piranha comes encased in a small resin sphere, measuring approximately 2" in diameter. Additionally, the exterior of the resin ball has been polished and detailed with faint red streaks and even features some remnants of glue from production use.