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Vampire Costume
This is a full vampire costume from the 2010 post-apocalyptic sci-fi film Priest. These costumes can be seen throughout the film as the Priest (Paul Bettany) hunts down the vampires responsible for his niece’s kidnapping, killing all vampires that get in his way. The full costume, made primarily out of foam latex, consists of 6 pieces which have been crafted to resemble the futuristic vampires of the film. The eyeless creature is made up of a pair of three clawed fingered gloves and a pair of three clawed toes, as well as a full head appliance with open mouth with four pointed fangs. The body itself features heavily detailed foam latex skin, with prevalent muscle structure and ribcage, as well as silicone webbing between the arms and shoulder blades. Along with a custom made base the display also has Priest's hero metal prayer beads that you see him break apart in the bar scene hanging from his mouth and the Priestess' (Maggie Q) hero bladed "laso" weapon wrapped around his arm.
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